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What type of ownership and leadership have the ISM code contributed to?

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Onsdag d. 2. maj 2018 kl. 15:00 til 17:00


Tirsdag d. 1. maj 2018 kl. 12:00


Danish Shipping
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Should the industry push for a revision of the ISM Code? 
How has the ISM code been implemented at the shipowners? And who's actually the expert or has the power today - the ship, the vetting or the technical management...?

The background for the ISM code was a number of very serious accidents during the late 1980's which were manifestly caused by human errors, with management faults also identified as contributing factors. The loss of the ferry "Herald of Free Enterprise" indicated that there was a lack of regulations for those who were responsible for the operation of ships not only on board the ship.

In particular, a framework for the development, implementation and assessment of safety and pollution prevention management in accordance with good practice was needed. The ISM Code was hereafter developed and was based on general principles and objectives so as to promote evolution of sound management on the ship. After some experience in the use of the guidelines, the IMO adopted the ISM Code in 1993 - which became mandatory in 1998.

But does the ISM code embrace the challenges and operations the shipping industry are facing today? Join the debate!


  • Søren Enemark, Senior adviser Security, Environment and Maritime Research, Danish Shipping
  • Mikkel Gardner Andersen, Nordic Marine Risk Manager, Codan Marine
  • Case: Søren Andersen, General Manager, Fleet Management, Nordic Tankers
  • Case: Henrik Sandberg, Crewing & HSE manager, Peter Madsen Rederi

The event is free of charge and organized in collaboration with Danish Shipping.

The event is part of Danish Maritime Days.


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