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The Future of the Tanker Market

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Wednesday 25. April 2018 at 14:00 to 17:00

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Wednesday 25. April 2018 at 10:00


Tuborg Havnevej 18
2900 Hellerup


Maritime Development Center
+45 3333 7488

Recently numerous diverse factors have been shaping the tanker industry. From one side, the tanker market has been exposed to the continually dropping low freight rates; consequently scrapping even younger vessels has become somehow profitable due to relatively high steel prices. On the other side, the growing focus on the switch to renewables and eco-friendly solutions by companies and upcoming new IMO sulfur cap regulations coming into force in 2020 might have shifted away from the demand for tanker services.

Taking all of these into consideration, how will the tanker market be looking like in 10-20 years? Can we presume an upcoming oil crisis or on the contrary, the demand will boost meaning blooming high freight rates looming and a bright future for the shipowners?

The event will focus on reveling forecasts and estimates for the tanker market and present different scenarios on how the major tanker companies are dealing with hedging the risk of unforeseeable future. Also, what is the next step, not only to survive the difficult times but be a leader in the market?


  • Dr. Stefan van Dellen, Senior Lecturer in Finance, University of Westminster in London (Confirmed) 
    ''The Management of Financial Risk in the Tanker Market: An Academic Perspective''
    A co-author of ''The impact of conditional higher moments on risk management: The case of the tanker freight market''
  • Peter Sand, Chef Shipping Analyst, BIMCO (Confirmed)
    ''The Future of the Tanker Market''
  • Christian Søgaard-Christensen, CFO, TORM A/S (Confirmed) 
    Case: Offering shares on NASDAQ US (2017) making TORM plc one of the few dual-listed shipping companies. Why such strategy? Opportunities being owned by an equity fund? And what is the next step?
  • Panel debate with the speakers

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Maritime Development Center
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