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More Women at Sea

Date and time

Wednesday 30. May 2018 at 14:00 to 17:00

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Wednesday 30. May 2018 at 10:00


Danish Shipping
Amaliegade 33
1256 Copenhagen


Maritime Development Center
+45 3333 7488

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Not many seem to bat an eye when statistics show that barely 2% of seafarers are women. This gender gap is alarming. Now you are probably wondering why we even need women sailing?

The studies show that more diversified crew helps to create a better work environment and an overall positive effect. As a part of a new campaign organized by Danish Shipping, we want to give the topic more focus and bring the attention to increasing gender variety at sea. So, what can be done to improve these statistics?

The program consists of 3 parts, where we focus on 'before, during & after' seafaring life. You will meet the full value chain of educational institutions, shipowners, and female seafarers giving inputs to a discussion about making seafaring more attractive for women. This panel debate will not only aim to focus on engaging women, but also show possible future career opportunities in the maritime industry.


How to attract women to a career at sea?

  • Anne Bay Riisager, Campaign Manager, World Careers, Danish Shipping (confirmed)
  • Pia Ankerstjerne, CEO, Martec (confirmed)
  • Anna Oldenburg Larsen, Maritime lecturer and Student Counselor, Martec (confirmed)
  • Emma Karstensen and Jannie Moesgaard Dinesen, high-school interns at SIMAC (confirmed)

During their education – school vs. shipowner

  • Henrik Holck, Executive Vice President, People & Ships, DFDS (confirmed)
  • Thea Skytte Pedersen, SIMAC/Maersk (confirmed)
  • Anja Christiansen Boytang, 2nd officer, Maersk (confirmed)

Retention at sea or career ashore?

  • Lotte G. Lundberg, Board Member & Advisor, Lotte G. Lundberg Advice (confirmed)
  • Capt. Inger Klein Thorhauge, Captain, Cunard Line (confirmed) - First Female Captain of prestigious cruise lines - retaining her career at sea
  • Dorte Karlsen, Recruitment Manager, OSM (confirmed) - Many years of experience at sea - moved her career ashore
  • Sif Lundsvig, Mechanical Engineering Student at DTU, former Chief Mate (confirmed) 

Moderator: Jeppe Carstensen, Rector, Marstal Navigationsskole (confirmed)

The event is supported by "Peder og Kamma Koch Jensens Legat"


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Maritime Development Center
+45 3333 7488